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The Emotional Journey of Allergy Testing & How it Affects a Family

The Emotional Journey of Allergy Testing & How it Affects a Family

One person in the family may be diagnosed with food allergies, however, it is a diagnosis that touches every family member. In this panel discussion, we aim to shed light on the emotional impact an allergy diagnosis has on all members of the family including those without food allergies. 

We are joined by Patrice, whose family went through many emotions as one son outgrew his food allergy and her other two sons did not. She will share her story of allergy testing, along with Gary’s experience from a clinical perspective, and family therapy-trained insights from Tamara. 

  • WHEN: JUNE 13 from 3:00- 3:45 pm EST
  • WHERE: Allergy Insider YouTube
  • SIGN-UP: Free! Sign-up here to receive the link the day before the event

This panel discussion is a part of our Empowered Patient Program.

The Emotional Journey of Allergy Testing Topics:

  • Patrice’s story and what made her become a food allergy advocate
  • The importance of allergy testing and the different types that exist
  • Preparing for food allergy testing and the results 
  • How to cope with food allergy test results and strategies to build resilience
  • Why individuals/families may be hesitant to get retested

Meet our panelists

Patrice Robinson, Supermom and food allergy advocate. SuperMom is what they call her. She is a fierce food allergy mother and advocate. Patrice Robinson’s fight against a peanut allergy diagnosis changed the course of her son’s life.

Gary Falcetano, PA-C, AE-C and Clinical Affairs Managers at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Gary is also a  tenured healthcare provider who has been dedicated to helping patients and educating other healthcare providers all of his adult life. With extensive experience as a PA in emergency & disaster medicine, primary care, and allergy & immunology, Gary brings a unique perspective to patient care and management especially when it comes to allergy diagnostic testing. 

Tamara Hubbard, LCPC is a family therapy-trained clinical therapist who created the Food Allergy Counselor website. A relationship builder at heart, she is always looking for opportunities to build and enhance patient resources or projects that lead to impactful change.

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Kortney Kwong Hing, co-founder of Zestfull. She manages asthma, eczema, and environmental and food allergies. Kortney is a co-creator of the online community Allergy Travels and co-host of The Itch Podcast. She wants to spread joy in a community that can easily see the hard side of life with atopic disease and believes that you can have a full life with food allergies, it may just be lived a little differently!

This panel is in partnership with Allergy Insider. To learn how to share your #EmpoweredPatient story and join the community, check out our webpage

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