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Flying easyJet with a Peanut Allergy

Flying easyJet with a Peanut Allergy

Flying easyJet with a food allergy

Flying easyJet with a food allergy

Before flying on any airline, the most important thing to do as an airborne allergy sufferer is to check the allergy policy. Sometimes this can be a very scary thing if you check after you book the tickets, which is the case for me later this month. This last trip, however, I flew with easyJet. 

I have flown easyJet many times because it is super affordable and is an excellent way to get around Europe. Last year I was flying from London back home to Berlin with easyJet, and I noticed they were serving peanuts/I could feel something was not right with my throat. I asked the flight attendant if he could stop serving nuts. His response was very impressive. He wondered why I hadn’t informed him at the beginning of the trip because he would have made an announcement right away and not served nuts. He told me next time don’t be afraid and say something when boarding.

And then what he did next was this allergy girl’s dream scenario! He made an announcement, and asked the gentleman who bought the nuts to please not eat them, and they would happily supply him with a complementary nut free alternative! So thoughtful, right? ☺️

Why didn’t I say anything at the beginning? Well, a few years ago I had one of those traumatic experiences where I was almost not allowed on the plane. I was in tears at the gate (at 24 years old!) and luckily my father is a frequent flyer, so he pulled some strings and got us on. After that experience, I don’t say a thing about my allergies unless necessary.

Now, what I do to have the safest possible experience is:
1) check the airline’s policy
2) take the drug cocktail recommended by my doctor (antihistamines and inhaler before and throughout the flight depending on its duration)

Flying easyJet with a food allergy

Flying easyJet with a Peanut Allergy

This past week I met my family in Paris for a culinary adventure/family reunion. I checked the easyJet allergy policy and it was exactly what the original flight attendant told me: tell the cabin crew about your allergy when boarding (read it here – scroll down). When I boarded, I immediately explained my allergy to the flight attendant, and they asked the severity and if I had an EpiPen with me.

Once the cabin doors were closed they made an announcement that you can hear here:

Got to love the French accent!

On the flight back they were just as accommodating. And I got to do something I never thought I would do in my life. No flight attendant spoke French, and we had a plane full of French speakers. This meant I had to make the announcement about my allergies over the intercom in French! OMG ?

I am a seriously nervous person. To get an idea of how nervous I am, my entire body shakes like a leaf when I have to do a presentation or even if I have to answer a question in front of a big group. Add on the fact that my body was cursing with steroids (from the inhaler)! I was freaking out, and you could hear it in my voice. The announcement went ok; my French is a little rusty. I guess it could be considered charming? The people on the plane were all smiling at me as they watched me sit back down. ?Ahh!! Putting a face to the allergies! It did make the flight 100% nut free, though.

Flying easyJet with a food allergy

Remember that they do typically serve nuts, so particles are most likely present from the last trip. That’s why it is important to wipe down your seat!

No fuss

Flying easyJet with a peanut allergy was painless and stress-free. They don’t make a fuss about the allergy and go out of their way to make you feel safe. They even asked if they could serve food that may contain nuts! How amazing is that? On top of it all, on both flights they came to check on me.

If you are planning on traveling Europe, I would highly recommend flying easyJet if you have a peanut and or tree nut allergy.

I am so happy to be finding safe and friendly airlines! My last few times flying have been on point for my peanut allergy and peace of mind. I give two big thumbs up to easyJet and Icelandair. I am flying Emirates in two weeks and am a little nervous. Their policy isn’t reassuring, and I haven’t read great things. We shall see! ✈️

In the mean time, have fun planning your next trip and safe adventures!!

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  • Wow seriously- an airline wouldn’t let you on the plane?? That’s horrible. Good to know about easy jet- I pack nuts for traveling because my blood sugar drops quickly, and they help fast, but always wonder how I’m supposed to know if someone’s allergic! I’d hate to be the reason they can’t breathe!

    • Yeah, unfortunately it happens more often than we would want. I think airplanes or any place with circulating air is tricky. Thanks for sharing, it’s always easy to see one side of the story and nut allergy people don’t want other people to harmed as well. This is why dialogue and allergy awareness is so important. 😀

  • Hi Kortney. A heart-warming article. Wish I’d heard your own announcement! Can I put in a good word for Ryanair too? We flew with them for the first time last month, along with our tree-nut-allergic toddler. Their attitude was overwhelmingly positive and helpful.

    Ryanair’s advice was to inform the check-in (or bag drop) desk, which we did, and they in turn asked us to inform the gate crew. The gate crew then radioed the cabin crew, who made an announcement and wouldn’t sell any nut products.

    Indeed, on our return flight, when the chief steward made his announcement, he took a minute to describe how nut allergies affect people, how the plane’s air conditioning system works, why it’s so important… and finally to remember that some nut allergies are so serious that a plane could be diverted. It was spine-tingling to be in receipt of such a thoughtful service.

    I must admit I booked my first Ryanair ticket with considerable reluctance. But their service was incredible — not just about the nuts but overall. And they sell fresh filter coffee too. Who knew that?!

    • Hi James,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I have heard some good things about Ryanair and it’s great to hear it consistently. And wow! I love that the chief steward took the opportunity to educate the passengers on nut allergies. If this happened more often I feel the nut allergy community would have a much easier and stress free time flying.

      Excellent to know there is one more airline to fly with 😀


  • Thanks so much for posting your easyJet experience. Super comforting. My father has booked us tickets and my 8-year-old is peanut allergic. I am very grateful. Thanks.

    Rosalind Oakes

  • I’ve always found EasyJet really good, sometimes even TOO attentive (as in “are you sure you can eat that sandwich?” attentive). I’ve found RyanAir and SAS good in Europe, and Delta (London to the USA) were very careful with in-flight meals. I sometimes travel with Swiss and although they do the right thing with making announcements and not selling packets of nuts if you ask, they do give out a free chocolate which contains hazelnuts, so watch out!

  • Hi,
    Just to let you know, I had a horrible experience with Easyjet the other day. Not only did they not do the announcement (despite me requesting one and reminding them two times, AND requesting special assistance 72hrs before the flight AND pre-boarding), they proceeded to SELL NUTS to passengers and then when I made a fuss, asked them to be so kind and not open the packets until we land. I was on ezy 8622 PMI-LGW. British crew, operated by Easyjet UK, 28th Dec 2018.
    I don’t think I ever held my breath for so long!
    Good luck with your travels.

    • Hi Mae,

      I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you… and quite shocked since I have personally only had good experiences with them. It goes to show that the airline may have a policy, but what matters the most are the people who actually impose it. Have you written to easyJet about your experience, I would highly recommend you do so they know this for the future.

      Thank you for letting me know. Best luck with your future travels as well.

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