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Book Review: “Living with allergies: practical tips for all the family”

Book Review: “Living with allergies: practical tips for all the family”

Living with allergies - book

Food allergies are a complicated thing: from understanding what happens on a molecular level to figuring out how to continue living your life while avoiding one or more foods. A food allergy diagnosis is without a doubt life changing, but it doesn’t have to be life-shattering. It’s all about finding your new normal.

One resource that is bound to help you is the book from Emma Amostcato, Living with Allergies: Practical Tips for All the Family.

I loved reading this book, mind you, I am a little biased since I am quoted in it, but seriously Living with allergies: practical tips for all the family is well thought through and contains just the right amount of information. Emma has accomplished in a book what Dr Gupta and I wish to bring your every other week on The Itch Podcast. It is clear, concise, and holds your hand when allergies may be getting you down/overwhelmed.

A peek inside Living with allergies: practical tips for all the family

The first part of the book breaks down the science of allergies, providing a better understanding of what and why it happens. I believe that knowledge is power and this section does just that. Once you know the basic science of an allergy and an allergic reaction, the types of allergy testing, and a few theories about the increase of people with allergies, you will be able to take better ownership of you or your child’s allergies. When you can clearly communicate what an allergy is, any confrontational or awkward situation lessens because you are armed with information, correct information at that!

The second part of the book explores how to manage allergies. Emma breaks down what you need to know from reading labels to a plane trip, even reintroducing foods and dating (yours truly has something to say about that in the book).

Ok, so maybe I skimmed past a few chapters about how to do preschool and soft play areas. This isn’t something I am concerned about at the moment. I did find the preventing allergies section very interesting considering me and my hubby are atopic people. Let’s hope that section will be helpful enough I won’t have to worry about soft play areas and allergies ever!

A book for all people living with allergies

There is something in this book for any stage of life with allergies, be it a new allergy parent, a newly diagnosed adult, or even your allergic teen. Living with allergies: practical tips for all the family is also something to gift family and friends who still don’t get it. Emma outlines how allergies impact your everyday life, plus all the things someone managing allergies needs to juggle on the daily.

Even if you’ve been living with allergies your whole life and think they’re under control, I suggest giving this book a read. It will empower you to own your allergies a little more!

*I got a copy of this book for free. All opinions are my own.
**This post contains affiliate links.

p.s. You can listen to Emma’s interview with me and Dr Gupta on The Itch Podcast. She talks about her journey into becoming an allergy mom and her son’s experience managing asthma.

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