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Why Wear a Medical Alert Bracelet for Food Allergies

Why Wear a Medical Alert Bracelet for Food Allergies

Why wear a medical alert bracelet for food allergies

Why wear a medical alert bracelet for food allergiesThis is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. 

Do you wear a medical alert bracelet for food allergies? I have an on again off again relationship with my medical alert bracelet. For starters, I’m not a jewelry gal. The only thing I wear is my wedding ring, and even that is a simple band. Putting on bling is the last thing on my mind, which can be problematic when that thing I should be putting on is my medical alert bracelet. (See why it’s important to wear a medical id at the end of this post)

I wore a medical alert bracelet when I was a kid. The bracelet was my badge of honor for being the only allergy kid in the school and as a little girl wearing jewelry was super cool, especially when it’s real gold! (I have an allergy to certain metals and can only wear gold or stainless steel)

As a teen, I wore my med alert on and off, and then I lost it – typical teenager. But then at nineteen came my big life-changing reaction. After that, I wouldn’t leave the house without my medical ID. The only trouble was nine years ago, all the bracelets on the market were not cute. For a couple of years, I wore it pretty religiously and then it broke, and I put in my coin purse where it sat for a few months serving no purpose. It was ugly, and I didn’t feel like getting it fixed.

Nervous not wearing a medical alert bracelet for food allergies

For the last year I have been roaming around medical alert bracelet-less, and to be honest, it makes me a little nervous. What happens if I have a reaction and no one is around?

Why wear a medical alert bracelet for food allergies

Everything changed when I discovered Lauren’s Hope and their oh-so-lovely bracelets. They get it that a medical alert bracelet is an essential accessory for people with certain medical conditions and that stainless steel bracelets are not for everyone. Lauren’s Hope has beautiful designs with interchangeable information plates and straps, so you can have the perfect bracelet to go with whatever outfit.

But it’s not just ideal for the ladies; they also have stylish men’s designs. So if you are flashy or a subtle kinda dude you have choices when it comes to your medical alert bracelet.

My Medical Alert Bracelet

Why wear a medical alert bracelet for food allergies

I have the SmartFit Medical ID Bracelet. It is the first medical alert bracelet I have that isn’t chunky or stainless steel, and it’s so feminine. Another reason I never put on my medical ID was it was super hard to do up. The SmartFit just zips up, and you are good! No more struggles doing it up or excuses for not wearing it.

Now that I have a medical ID I love, I don’t leave the house without it. My new leaving the house checklist goes a little like this:

✔️ Allergy kit (containing EpiPens, antihistamines & inhaler)
✔️ Allergy cards  
✔️ Medical ID bracelet
✔️ Purse snacks & anti-bacterial wipes

If you don’t have a medical alert bracelet for you or your child below are some practical details on why you should have one and what information it should contain.

Practical Medical Alert Info

Why wear a medical alert bracelet for food allergies

Why wear a medical alert bracelet?

  • Speaks for you if you can’t – this critical in an emergency case where you are unable to give a full account of your health history.
  • A doctor, ambulance driver, helpful person, flight attendant, whoever is there while you are having a reaction can quickly see you have a medical condition and see what to do.
  • First responders are trained to look for them.

What information you should have on your medical alert bracelet:

  • Name
  • List of allergens
  • What they should do in case of a reaction
  • Contact information if you have space

Lauren's Hope Medical ID Time to get your medical alert bracelet – new customers can save 10% off when they sign up at Lauren’s Hope! →

I received a free medical alert bracelet in exchange for writing this review. Please note that all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage of the sale made using the link. 

Why wear a medical alert bracelet for food allergies

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