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11 Tips For Going To a Bar with a Peanut Allergy

11 Tips For Going To a Bar with a Peanut Allergy

11 Tips for handling your peanut allergy at a bar

A peanut allergy is something that comes with you no matter where you go and can cause anxiety with the smallest of things, because when a peanut is around you life can be at stake. I once went to a quiz night at an Irish pub. It’s a fun thing to do on a weeknight and I didn’t give my allergies a second thought. Pub + Cider + Quiz = awesome! That was until they read the rules and I found out the losing table of each round were prized with peanuts. Eek!

This fun night out just became super stressful. How can I feel safe about my peanut allergy and have fun, without disrupting other people’s evening? I was super excited for quiz night. I love anything quiz related and was not going to let a couple of bags ‘o nuts ruin that.

After the first round was over before they served any peanuts, I told the quiz master that I was allergic and I would appreciate it if they didn’t serve the peanuts. They were great, they gave the losing table nachos and salsa instead and I think people were way happier for that than nuts. I know my table was after round two! On top of it all, they let me know that if I call ahead, they can accommodate a nut free evening. Yay! Standing up for my peanut allergy paid off in an awesome way.

The quiz night and a couple of other experiences have helped me come up with a couple of things to consider when going out. Whether it is a quiet pub night or a night on the town, I hope these help you have a safer time. I would also say, that parents with teens who have food allergies should be real with their young adults and not be afraid to talk about all aspects of life with food allergies (which includes drinking alcohol).

My tips for going to a bar with food allergies

1. Avoid going to places that serve nuts. Easy right? The best way to do that is to ask for a recommendation (ask if they serve nuts) or go somewhere you have been before. If there is a place you are desperate to try, call them ahead of time and ask.

2. If nuts show up, ask them to be taken away, wash your hands immediately, and avoid surfaces. Also, stay close to a window/door/ exit in case you start feeling a reaction. Or, just get outa there! Time to bar hop.

3. Have a plan B. Nothing ruins a night like not finding a good place to go. Have a backup plan just in case you need to bounce.

4. Sit outside on the outside ring. Say what! Sit in the most isolated area away from as many tables as possible. It sounds crappy, but at least, it won’t be as noisy.

5. Let the people you are going out with know about your allergy and have them be on your allergy team. Have them be on the prowl for nuts and know about your EpiPen.

6. Alcohol can make your sensitivity to allergens higher. Also, after a few drinks your ability to judge a situation is impaired. Try to avoid losing control. Unfortunately, you are not like other people and being drunk can be extremely dangerous, especially when everyone needs to eat something greasy afterwards.

7. Avoid drunk-food unless it is something you made or you have eaten a hundred times before (my ‘go to’ is a bowl of my favourite cereal).

8. Avoid shots (especially the fancy ones). This helps control your amount of drunkenness and you never know what may be in the shot.

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9. Know what contains your allergens, here is a list of alcohols with allergens.

10. Make sure you ask about all the ingredients and garnishes in mixed drinks. FYI Maraschino cherries contain almond oil! What!

11. Carry your allergy kit (Mine includes: EpiPen, Benadryl, antihistamine pills and an inhaler).

Anything I missed? I would love to hear from you in the comments 🙂

Party on!

11 Tips for handling your peanut allergy at a bar. Make going out fun, & stress-free

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