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Zestfull turns one!

Zestfull turns one!

Zestfull turns one - cake

We can certainly say that the past year has been an adventure. Everything we counted on being normal was the opposite. The trends we have been used to did not stick. Our content changed direction due to the world not opening up for travel as we hoped, and instead, our focus shifted sooner than we expected onto mental health and well-being around food allergies. 

To review the past year at Zestfull we have collected a few highlights of what our year looked like and how we celebrated life with food allergies.

Our food allergy adventures in series

We launched many series this year, Zestfull 5, In the Kitchen, Flavors of Culture, Intuitive Eating and In the Community interview series. Our partnership with Allergy Insider blossomed with our Inside your Allergy Diagnosis Subscriber exclusive newsletters (we still have 3 more you can sign-up for!). 

This summer we also had fun exploring the topic around drinking with food allergies in our boozy series Thirsty Thursday

Not all of our series will be continuing into 2022 as we slightly shift our focus from the kitchen to life stuff. No worries, food will always be the blood of this magazine, we just also want to explore aspects of living with atopy. 

We will be continuing our partnership with Allergy Insider launching a series to empower patients – stay tuned for more in the new year.

What you loved

From our stats, it looks like sunflower allergy is on the rise because this is our most popular article! 

Other highlights were

We also received excellent reception to our first panel discussion, Should Restaurants Cater to Food Allergies, so we have two more panels in the works. The next one is about Food Allergy Teen Mental Health: Finding balance & when to ask for help on September 19. Register now – it’s free to attend. 

What we loved

A word from Shahla

There were a lot of new things to navigate last year.  Navigating new terrain is not unfamiliar to us food allergy folks but uncharted territory is an understatement!. That said, even in a time of extreme uncertainty, I feel grateful that this community has allowed us to share their stories of hope, purpose, and perseverance. 

Our stories help us to feel connected. I hope in some small way clicking through our site you have felt the power of connection and maybe learned a few things about food allergies along the way. I know I have! 

I loved our series Flavors of Culture where we explore how we stay connected with our cultures through food even with food allergies. 

A word from Kortney 

It has been an honor to be a part of this amazing food allergy community. The collaborations we have made over the past year have brought new voices and perspectives into my life, and I hope yours too. 

Alida’s series on using the pillars of Intuitive Eating to help you manage your food allergies was one of my favorite series. Of course, I am so proud of our Sophie who went from intern to Editor of the Zestfull Teen section. Her initiative to shed light on teen life with food allergies shows us just how much we have to look forward to in the years to come. 

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What food allergy content would you like to see more of? 

We would love to know what food allergy content you would like to see more of? Or if there’s an area of interest to you, please leave us a comment below.

Looking ahead

We have refined our mission statement.

As we saw what you all responded to and grew into our own skin Zestfull has refined our mission:

To empower and support the emotional, physical, and social well-being of all individuals managing an atopic condition.

We have some really exciting news about our future, but we can’t tell you just yet! We appreciate every comment, feedback, and story you share with us. 

Thank you for being here!

The Zestfull Corp. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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